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דרור חי שימן


Tel: +972-(0)504218365
כתובת אולפן: יצחק שדה 34 תל אביב




As a Musician -  Composing, arranging and producing music for film scores, independent musicians, and visual artists. Always trying to find the unique voice and fingerprint behind every project.



As a Sound Designer - For Film, TV, Gaming, and Collaborating with visual artists to create cohesive multimedia installations, from the concept stage to building original, immersive sonic environments. Includes editing dialogue, creating ambience, SFX and mixing for the most demanding projects out there.



As a Writer & Lecturer - Writing and lecturing on the subjects of Sound, Music, Psychoacoustics and Audio for Visuals. Publishing articles in the fields of new music, film and politics.


2010 - present

2010 - present

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